A successful installation starts with a thorough assessment of your unique space and specific needs.

Your free estimate and project assessment will include the following key elements to make sure you receive an accurate quote of project costs as well as ensure your new floor stays looking beautiful for years to come.

Professional Room Measure

Why is a professional room measure important?
  • Signifies credible service provided by a trained professional
  • Improves efficiency for a faster overall installation process
  • Builds a better understanding of your home’s layout and flooring needs
  • Minimizes potential errors and unforeseen costs

See Samples at Your Home

Why You Should Always See Flooring Samples Inside Your Home?
  • You want to make sure the floor will rock the lighting. There’s no getting around it: Lighting in your home is going to look different than in a showroom.When you hold a flooring sample in your space, your specific collection of lighting will hit the sample just as it would your future floor.
  • Color samples allow you to coordinate with walls and furniture. It is important to coordinate the floor’s color and tone with existing walls and furniture. By placing a floor sample beside a painted wall, you can determine if they are a good complement. Holding the samples up to cabinetry and window treatments can give you insight into what will work. Also, try the samples against your couches, chairs and end tables.

  • Physical samples give you a necessary, sensory experience of the floor’s texture.

Moving Furniture and Appliances

We move most furniture for you. Whether we are installing hardwood, laminate, vinyl as well as carpeting, we will move your furniture and place it back.

  • Please move all personal belonging, valuable items, loose/breakable items as well as computer equipment/electronics, etc.
  • For extremely heavy or unusual items (e.g. granite tables, pool tables, grand piano, etc), it’s best to have a professional moving company
  • We don't move antique items, books, grandfather clocks, weapons, etc.
  • We don't move antique items, books, grandfather clocks, weapons, etc.
  • If the item requires disassembly – such as a bedframe – an additional fee may apply.
  • Royal Home will not remove oversized appliances from the installation area, so homeowners should make alternate moving arrangements as needed.

Removal and Haul Away Your Existing Floors

Royal Home will remove your old floors which can be a time consuming process depending on the job specifications. For example, removing an old wood floor may be faster than removing a floor full of tile and grout, or a glued down floor. Our installation crews are equiped with the tools necessary for tough jobs. Sometimes when we move your old floors, patching, leveling and, or skim coating might be necessary for a perfect installation. Royal Home will haul your old materials either to a dumpster located on the job-site, or bring it to our facility.

Toilet Reset

The preferred practice is for the toilet flange to sit on top of the finished floor, whether the floor is wood, vinyl, or laminate. Our crew will remove and reset your toilet. Whenever we remove a toilet, we will replace the wax ring seal between the toilet and the toilet anchor flange (sometimes called a closet flange) attached to the floor. If your toilets reset requires plumbing knowledge, you will be notified by our installation crew to hire a plumber before we start the installation of your new floors.

Padding and Underlayment


Underlayment is the layer between your subfloor and your new floor. Underlayment is usually made out of rubber, cork, rubber cork, felt or foam. Some floors come with an attached underlayment, otherwise we will provide your with a separate underlayment. Here is why we install underlayment underneath your new floors:

  • Minimizes the hollow sound caused by foot traffic
  • Provides support for your flooring
  • Protect your floors from moisture
  • Reduces transmission of impact sounds
  • Increases the longevity of your floor
  • Carpet Padding

    A carpet pad is a thick layer of material that serves as a foundation for installing carpets. It comes in a variety of materials, thicknesses, and sizes. Here is why you need carpet padding:

    • Extends carpet life
    • Provides more comfort
    • Improves acoustics
    • Provide heat and sound insulation
    • Increases the longevity of your floor

Professional Installation

The Royal Home flooring installation professionals and contractors are licensed, insured, and undergo a thorough background-screening process.

What Makes Us Different
  • Quicker Installation: your installation would be completed in a matter of days. Our professional flooring installers use their experience and know-how to get the job done the right way the first time.
  • Organized Schedule: you'll be in the know of all potential hurdles that you may have to prepare for in order to keep your project on track
  • Beautiful: your happiness at the end of the process is assured. We'll make sure to check with you every step of the way to make sure you're satisfied with the results.
  • Trustworthy : we'll make sure to get a high return on your investment in the form of outstanding customer service. Your satisfaction is top priority.
  • Professional Recommendations : our extensive knowledge of all flooring materials will point you in the best direction for your needs..

Thresholds and Trim

Royal Home Flooring will add the the finishing touch to your updated space by installing the proper floor moldings. Royal Home Flooring provides the prefinished and the unfinished floor moldings, baseboards that we need to complete your flooring project, and they’re all designed to coordinate with your flooring choice.

Low Price Guarantee

We will beat any major competitors advertised price or your quality flooring is free!
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